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BMW M Performance parts for the new BMW X5 and the BMW 2 Series Coupé



As of March 2014 a large selection of BMW M Performance parts will be available for all model variants of the Sports Activity Vehicle, giving the new BMW X5 an even more athletic look as it lines up at the start. Its powerful appearance can be further highlighted by means of a black decorative grid for the BMW kidney grille, a front splitter and exterior mirror caps in carbon, air ducting elements, a diffuser insert for the rear apron and side sill foils with M Performance inscription. For individual flair with a sporty touch in the cockpit, there is the BMW M Performance sports steering wheel with red central marking, gear lever with carbon surface, accelerator, brake pedal and driver footrest in high-grade steel and BMW M Performance floor mats. The product range in the suspension area comprises an BMW M Performance brake system with brake calipers finished in blue and 21-inch BMW M Performance light alloy wheels in Bi-Color finish.

The BMW M Performance Power Kit available from spring 2014 for the BMW X5 xDrive35i provides an increase in output which does not affect fuel consumption. A precisely modified engine control system puts peak output up by 15 kW/20 bhp to 240 kW/326 bhp. Maximum torque is likewise raised by 50 Nm to 450 Nm. The spontaneous response of the engine can now be felt even more intensely due to an optimised accelerator pedal set-up. This optimised performance is noticeable both when accelerating from standing and in terms of elasticity, and when the driving experience switch is set to SPORT mode it is accompanied by a striking engine sound Another option available for the BMW X5 xDrive35i is a BMW M Performance silencer system. All variants of the new BMW X5 can be fitted with M Performance tailpipe trim elements in chrome or carbon.

BMW 2 Series Coupé

The market launch of the BMW 2 Series Coupé clinches pole position in the premium compact segment. The figure 2 in the model designation stands for supreme sporty flair while the letter M refers to the attractive features available for making a dynamic driving experience even more intensive. As in the case of the BMW M Performance automobile BMW M235i, BMW M Performance parts developed for all variants of the BMW 2 Series Coupé will be available as of the market launch in March 2014. The retrofit components designed in close collaboration with BMW M GmbH in the areas of drivetrain, suspension, aerodynamics and cockpit perceptibly boost driving dynamics as well as underscoring the athletic appearance and sporty interior ambience of the new 2-door model. The product selection forms part of the Original BMW Parts program and enables the driver of a BMW 2 Series Coupé to add a touch of individual style in a way that expresses motor racing enthusiasm.
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BMW M Performance -osat BMW X5:lle ja 2-sarjan coupélle


BMW julkisti BMW M GmbH:n kanssa yhteistyössä suunnitellut BMW M Performance -osat BMW X5:lle ja 2-sarjan coupélle. Kumpaankin autoon on saatavilla erikoisvanteet, musta etusäleikkö, hiilikuituiset peilit, M-pakosarja ja levikkeet etumaskiin, sivuhelmaan ja takaosaan. Sisustaa voi trimmata M-ratilla, hiilikuitusomisteilla ja rautaisilla polkimilla. Power Kit -tehonlisäys on saatavilla BMW 220d Coupéen, jolloin tehot nousevat 12 kW/16 hv saavuttaen 147 kW/200 hv, maksimiväännön noustessa 40 Nm aina 420 Nm:in. BMW X5 xDrive35i:hin vastaava Power Kit on saatavilla 240 kW/326 hv (+15 kW/+20 hv) tehoilla ja 450 Nm (+50 Nm) väännöllä. Osat ovat saatavilla maaliskuusta 2014 lähtien ja sopivat kaikkiin malliversiohin. Katso lisää kuvia alla.
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