test: 2014 BMW X5 30d F15 review



+ Excellent driving feel despite being a big SUV
+ Extremely versatile range of accessories
+ The most modern 7-seater
+ Powerful and economical engines and excellent gearbox
– No Euro NCAP crash results yet, the previous model was not crash tested at all
– No rear side airbags
– Complex service program

It has been quiet in the field of large SUV’s. WV Touareg and Porsche Cayenne are a few years old, and the Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7 arrive next year at the earliest. Therefore, the arrival of the new X5 is refreshing. For those seeking a 7-seater have only one option unless they desire a 10 -year-old Q7 or XC90.

Externally, the car has changed only moderately, but the end result is excellent. Weight is almost unchanged from the E70 body style in the 30d-model (2145kg vs 2150kg), but the overall length has increased by 3 cm. The newly styled headlights extend all the way to the kidney grille giving the car a more sporty look compared to the predecessor and it is obvious that styling overall has been a higher priority in the new X5. The M-Sport package adds further sportiness to the appearance and for sporty car fans it is a must. In addition to the appearance the M-sport package includes standard equipment such as the M-chassis, alcantara electric sports seats, a sports steering wheel, parking sensors and a flappy paddle gearbox.

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